Meet the Pack

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Chelle + Clint

the treat givers and ball throwers

It started on when Chelle's profile said "must love Jack Russells" and the rest is history. Clint fell in love with the breed when he played fetch with Alfie and his trusty tennis ball while Stanley trotted around the yard. 
Chelle and Clint reside in West Virginia, about 90 minutes from Washington, DC and love nothing more but to spend their days with the pack and their son, Bear.



the miracle baby

Born on 12/3/17 - Bear is quite special, indeed. After going through three loses within a year, we were relieved and so happy to finally bring a little boy into the world. Bear is always smiling, has the heartiest giggle, and loves his pups. We hope to raise him to love dogs and all people because love is what makes the world go round.



the jack that started it all

Rescued from Frederick County, Maryland - Stanley is the pup that started Chelle's love for JRTs. He found himself homeless after his owner died and Chelle couldn't say no to a senior pup who needed a home, I mean could you say no to this scruffy face? 
Stan was crotchety at times but always silly and had a cute little trot that made you fall in love with him. His quirky ways are what enticed Chelle to start an Instagram page about him. We are still amazed by how many people fell in love with one little jack. 
Stanley crossed the rainbow bridge on 03/1/16 and forever has a place in Chelle and Clint's hearts.



the pup who endured it all but still loves

Alfie and his sweet soul-sucking eyes, they'll melt your heart into complete mush. He loves his tennis ball almost as much as he loves his humans and he thrives for snuggles and giving smooches. 
Left in a closet- in a crate for almost half of his life, Alfie has every right to hate humans. He still struggles today, mostly with men he doesn't know but once he realizes that you're trustable, he will smother you in licks. 
Chelle is Alfie's first pick, and as much as he thinks that she saved him, he saved her too.



the comedic relief

Don't let that sweet/cute face fool you, Morrie is trouble - hilarious trouble, in a good way! We got Morrie as an eight week old puppy after we knew that we had to say goodbye to Stanley. He was such a bittersweet pup, and he's lived up to his purpose. His name derives from the park that Chelle and Clint eloped in - Morven Park in Leesburg, VA.
He's the glue that holds that pack together, best friends with each pup. He demands daily belly licks from Alfie and patiently sits for Whitley to nibble his ears. You can find him every morning greeting his brothers by kissing their eyes.



the majestic softie

Truth be told, Whitley was supposed to be a foster - but he stayed, and we are so thankful that he did! Whitley is such a sweet boy who counts on Morrie to show him the ropes. He's the youngest of the pack, just three days younger than Morrie. He latched onto Morrie right away and took a lot of time to attach to us. 
Whitley enjoys lounging outside, patrolling the backyard, and snuggling under blankets. He's the tallest of the pack but doesn't think he can jump which provides us with lots of laughs. Whitley is for sure Clint's dog, he's always by Clint's side and grumbles and speaks to him in a language that Chelle clearly doesn't understand.


Daisy Girl

the grandma

At 18, you wouldn't think that such a beautiful girl would find herself alone and homeless in a shelter but she did. The local shelter reached out to us, knowing that we foster jacks and asked if we could help. Within a hour, we were driving there to bring her home. We didn't try to adopt her out as we knew that she needed as little disruption as possible. So, here she is - with us. We didn't plan to have a fourth pup - but shes the perfect one to have! Daisy Girl loves nothing more but to snooze the day away. Daisy left us on 9/11/18, you can read more about her story on our home page.



the queen

Cookie was dropped at our local shelter by a family member who stated that they never wanted a dog anyhow. She was left in their care after both of her owners passed away and the people who dropped her at the shelter seemed to view her as a hassle. Newsflash: she isn't a hassle in our home.! Cookie may not have much time with us as she is in heart failure but we are going to love this girl up until her very last day. We are beyond thankful that Jacks Galore will be covering all of her medical needs and thankful for our fans who have donated t her care. Cookie is the queen of our home!



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