Meet the Fosters

the ones that left paw prints on our hearts



the first foster

Harley came to us by chance. Her previous owner reached out because she could no longer care for the pup. Clint and I had never once talked about fostering, even though we thought that it was a neat thing to do. We had just moved into our new home, were settling in, and were trying to start a family. 

We took a chance on an old soul. She was a beautiful little girl who was quite sassy. We had to separate her from the boys for a while but she decided one day (on her own) that she was ready to be part of the pack. I was at work and Clint was home with the pups. He had left the room and came back and found Miss Priss propped up on the couch with the boys, barking at something outside. From that moment on, she was "in". 

Harley was adopted by a wonderful family in Wisconsin - Clint and I drove her halfway to meet her new family. It was our first wedding anniversary and we spent the weekend in Colombus, OH. We loved that mini trip and thank Harley for giving us the perfect excuse to get away and celebrate our love. 



the girl who didn't know how to play

Within days of getting our first foster to her new home, I saw Princess' photo on Facebook. A rescue was asking for someone to open their home to foster her. I quickly inquired (before even running it by Clint, oops) and immediately got a response back to apply to foster for the rescue. 

I drove to Delaware that weekend to pick her up and I can laugh about this now- but she nearly killed us both on the interstate. I had thought that I seat-belted her into my back seat but she somehow weaseled her way under the driver's seat and up near the gas petals and brakes! Her fanny hit the brakes on the middle of the interstate - I quickly pulled over to catch my breath and re-strapped her in. Let's just say we crated every foster after on when we rescued them. 

She was a dear foster, always respected our boys' space, loved to snuggle, and love nothing more but to lay in the back yard and bask in the autumn sun. We spent our first Halloween in our new house with her and she assisted us in handing out candy. She had amazing manners around all new people. 

Princess now resides in NY with a dog brother named Guiness. She is the apple of both her parent's eye and has provided them lots of love and laughs. 

Princess was rescued by Mid-Atlantic Jack Rescue, INC.



the sweetest boy, who liked to hump

Oh Cash Bash, how sweet he was! I found him on a local yardsale page on Facebook. I contacted the owners and got him that same day. I had messaged a Jack Russell Rescue to tell them about him and took the chance and got him before I even got the go ahead to get him. I didn't want him to fall into the wrong hands before I could get to him. 

He showered me in kisses and we went into Wal-Mart together to gather him a few things. He did come with a food bowl  that's it (I still find that funny, "here's my free dog and his food bowl!"). 

He was the light of our boy's life while he was with us, he was friendly and loved the attention and LOVED our fenced in backyard. He even overlapped time at our home with two other fosters. Yep, we had SIX jacks in our home at one point. His only downfall, he LOVED to hump - nothing a little ball removal can't fix, ha! 

Cash had a home lined up before he even made his way up to the rescue that we work with that's based out of Massachusetts. He is now called Ringo and lives in NY on his own private beach.

Cash was rescued by Jacks Galore Russell Rescue.



the dog from an friend to a friend

We fostered Cam for less than 24 hours but he was a sweet little dude. A friend of a friend needed to re-home him and I knew another friend who was looking for a little JRT. It was a match made in heaven. 

As soon as I sent Cam's photo to my friend, he knew that he wanted him right away! Cam resides in Maryland with his Dad and loves roaming his large yard, running with his Dad, and just being a DOG. You can find Cam on Instagram @cbs_jack



the one that got away

Bear-io, he stole my husbands dog-loving heart and ripped it in two when he left. Bear was a pup when he came to us. He was said to be from a bad area in Philly, fearful, timid, and a bit of a sour-patch kid. 

He quickly made his way into our pack and was with us for months, until we felt as if he was confident enough to be adopted out. We almost kept him, we were about 2 seconds away from ending it all and just calling him ours. BUT, we received the sweetest message from a fellow West Virginian who was very interested in adopting Bear. 

We spent weeks messaging back and forth until my heart knew that he would be going to the most perfect family. 

Bear now resides in West Virginia with a dog brother, Harley, his Mom and Dad, and a new baby sister - who is his best friend. 

Bear was rescued by Mid-Atlantic Jack Rescue, INC.



the saddest story of all

This sweet old soul, the soulful eyes that just seemed to say "thank you", the short legs, the snores, the love of our bed, the patience she had of daily medicated baths. Every inch of her was the sweetest thing. She was pulled from a hoarder home, her nails were so long that they curled under and into the pads of her paws. Yet, she still welcomed love, and yearned for it. 

Jayden was the perfect girl, we barely noticed her - her quiet ways remind me a lot of our Daisy Girl. Jayden now resides in Maryland with a home full of children to love on her and goes by the name "Daphne". 

Jayden was rescued by Mid Atlantic Jacks Rescue, INC.



the most beautiful puppy

We came across Leo on Craigslist after a mom listed him for sale after purchasing him for her children, with the promise that they would tend to him - after they failed to care for him, she sought a new home for him. 

Leo was magazine beautiful and kindly mannered. Clint still says to this day that he wishes that we kept him. Leo had a home line up before he made his way to the Massachusetts rescue. 

Leo. now known as "Oscar" resides in the New England area with his family and trains as an agility pup! 

Leo was rescued by Jacks Galore Russell Rescue



the not-so-broken spirit

We found this sweetness on Craigslist. We drove a few hours to meet his "seller" and all we knew was that she just called him "dog". Heartbreak and disgust doesn't even come close to what my husband and I felt when we fetched Huck. 

He was covered in muck , smelled terrible, and was clearly frightened of his seller but, he LOVED us. Clint instantly named him Huck. Huck was a sweet boy who seemed as if he had never seen inside a home - he didn't know how to use stairs or walk on the floors. He capture my heart and many of our followers' hearts. 

He now goes by the name Wilder and resides in the New England area. 

Huck was rescued by Jacks Galore Russell Rescue.



the water-loving dog

This boy. We found him on Craigslist, listed for free. He needed a new home because the landlord no longer allowed dogs and he barked too much to "hide". I will vouch and say that he has quite the memorable bark. Man, does this boy love all dogs, people, and the water. He will relentlessly chase the water hose for hours while barking his unforgettable bark. He loves a tennis ball and toys, but also loved nothing more but a good snuggle - from humans or his foster brothers. 
Eddie now resides in Michigan with his Jack Russell sister and his dog-walking business owner Mom. She drove all the way to West Virginia to adot him, now that's true love!



the boy who wanted to love

OH Smitty,  from the second we laid eyes on him - we knew, he needed to have an old man owner who drove around a farm in a truck. His past was spotty, we had multiple stories but we could tell that he was very possessive of the one he loved. 

He loved toys and he loved playing with our boys but could tend to be aggressive at the drop of a hat. We loved him and he loved us but we knew that we couldn't give him what he needed with us. 

After extensive training and a new foster home at The Sugar and Spice Shack he found just what we knew he needed: an old man who drove around a farm in a truck. 

Smitty was rescued by Mid-Atlantic Jack Rescue, INC.



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