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Chelle, Clint, + the pack


September's Doggo of the Month


G’Day! My name is Lady and I’m 9yo from Australia. My favorite things are food, balls and visitors. I even do this cute little move that Mummy calls ‘Puppy Prayers’ when I’m trying to score more treats! I am extremely intelligent and learn very quickly except when it comes to things that I shouldn’t do and Mummy gets cranky at me. My favorite thing about this group is seeing all your beautiful photos/videos and I love hearing all the amazing stories about puppies that have been rescued & given a second chance! Every little Jack should have a loving, caring & safe home! xx


July's Dog of the Month


Didi is 10 and a half, from Romania , and she got her name from Dexter's Laboratory cartoon. I was pretty inspired, as she is as crazy as Dexter's sister.She loves food more than anything. She is also crazy for tennis balls and basically any other balls she can get her teeth on.Loves people. Other dogs... Just some. As long as they know she is the boss. Typical Jack. She was around when I need her and helped me through dark times. She is my best friend and I love her more than words can ever express. 

- Adela, Didi's Mom


April's Doggo of the Month


Hi everyone! My name is Scout and I just turned one on March 7th! I live in Los Angeles, CA with my two moms Kim and Alix and my big sister Logan. Logan is a German Shepard mix, but don’t let that fool you, I am in charge of the house!

My mom Kim is in the Army and she flies helicopters! She is in Afghanistan now so I am impatiently waiting for her to get back home in December! She had a Jack before me. I call him my Grandpa Rocky. When he went to doggie heaven in Summer of 2017, my mom was so sad, but I think I helped her be happy again! My moms adopted me from Wendover Terriers in Riverside, CA in April of 2018 and since then I have been trying really hard to be a well behaved puppy (with some learning curves here and there). My moms say I’m a bad girl, but I think they secretly love it!

Some of my favorite things to do are wrestle with my big sister Logan, eat carrots, and chase birds in my grandma’s back yard! Since I am a SoCal pup, I love going to Huntington Dog Beach. I’m still afraid of the water, but I love chasing the waves! I love to snuggle under the blankets with my moms, they both laugh about how I burrow into the sheets and say that all Jacks are the same. My Grandpa Rocky did the same thing! I’m sassy and spunky and even though my humans say I’m little, I think I’m big and tough! I can’t wait for my mom, Kim, to see that I was picked for dog of the month! 


March Dog of the Month


March 4, 2011-October 2, 2018

Radiantly alive in our memories, Deen was known to many as boundlessly affectionate, gentle, playful, energetic, persistent, even relentless, yet eager to please, easy to console and, in the end, amazingly resilient. Born in Brooklyn and raised in Utica NY, he was deeply loved by and attached to his many people and his dog family. Having inherited serious play skills from his mother, he rejoiced in finding and fetching balls of any kind, all day and into the night. Deenie was an ideal fast-walking companion and road trip buddy. His last real adventures included hiking an Adirondack mountain and chasing ducks on a lake. He was a most cuddly sleeper, squirming into just the right nooks of our bodies. Deen was my sweet, reliable comfort and consolation through difficult days. Dogs know! He was quick to learn and repeat new tasks. He rang a hanging bell to be let outside, then gave a single tiny woof to come in. I still hear those sounds precisely somehow. We are ridiculously pleased that Deenie has been honored March Dog of the Month. I will proudly wear his St. Patrick’s bandanna on March 17 and shall tell everyone that, perhaps thanks to his Irish heritage, he too is now solidly affiliated with Pack of Jacks.

- Colleen 

It is with a VERY happy heart that I introduce to you Robin's new family! I cannot think of a better family and home for Robin to go to, a HUGE thanks goes to Jacks Galore for finding the perfect placement. After speaking with Colleen about her love for her Deenie , I know that there's no better place for sweet little Robin!


February's Doggo of the Month


Hey Fur-Friends, my name is Fozzie and I am 9 years young.
I live in Wolverhampton, England with my mommy, daddy and crazy fur-sister Bella. She is a Border Collie, she was boring at first but I quickly taught her all about chasing flies, birdies and squirrels.

My mommy and daddy rescued me from The Dogs Trust when I was 5 months old. I was that excited and happy to meet them that I peed on mommy’s foot and ran off with the fluffy ball she had on her bag, I think that was when mommy fell in love with me!

The blankie in that pic was just one of many that I have. The current one I’m working on getting hold of is mommy’s blankie that gets hot! They are amazing, I hope you all have a decent blankie to keep warm in!

We are the only babies in mommy and daddy’s life as they will never have real babies.
I love when she takes us for big walkies on the beach, the last time we went I proved what a good boy I can be and I was let off my lead. I loved chasing Bella and the big white birdies.
I didn’t like getting my paws cold and wet though.

Other than snuggling in a blankie my favourite things to do are bark at the dogs who play in the pa

rk behind us, kill toy squeakers, and eat treats.

Thank you for reading a bit about me.

Lots of Love and Licks,

Fozzie xx


December's Doggo of the Month


Lola is a petite girl who came into our lives almost 16 years ago. She was born into a litter with Breeder Springwood Jack Russell Terriers in Massachusetts, through the JRCTA. Although the smallest of the pack at 8 weeks - she was energetic, feisty, loving, could play fetch all day, while chasing tennis ball, and her older brother Wesley. Lola although challenged with many health issues, leg surgery at 3 months, and losing both eyes to glaucoma, going deaf - she never skips a beat to enjoying life to the fullest, and is a true comic that will make you laugh everyday. At this stage of her life she mostly loves lots of cuddles, treats and cozy naps. On a side note - she has made such an impact on our lives, we have dedicated our small business in the true spirit and passion of the Jack Russell breed: lolawesleymarketing.com


November's Dog of the Month, Jack

Jack is 13 years old, but he is still a puppy at heart! My family got him at 8 weeks old when I was in middle school. He was the family dog, but over time Jack and I formed a special bond. When I moved out after finishing college I took him with me, of course, because he’s my baby. He is the sweetest dog and he follows me around everywhere. He is where my love for Jack Russell Terriers began. This past May my husband and I adopted two more Jack Russells who had been abandoned and we couldn’t be happier with our little Jack family!

- Liz


October's Dog of the Month

Cowboy Wade

Wade is named after Wade Wilson aka Deadpool. He is a 4 month old Jack Russell with the shortest legs ever. He lives  in San Diego with his human Mom and Dad and his absolute best friend is our boxer mix, Rufus. He truly has a Napoleon complex because he has played with all sizes of pups, including Rhodesian Ridgebacks and he still thinks he is bigger than them. Wade has brought so much joy into our lives and we are so grateful to have a pup like him.


September's Dog of the Months


Reyna came to live with me when she was just a 8 week old puppy. The baddest girl around. She did so many ‘bad’ things but made us laugh every step of the way.
During the years, I developed some serious stomach aches. It was if Reyna could feel my pain and slept next to my painful stomach every single night. More and more pain came my way and after a while I didn't want to get out of bed. But I had to, cause Reyna had to go out multiple times a day, and so we did.
This went on for 2.5 years.
I had been to the hospital more than once, but they couldn't find the reason for my pain.
1.5 year ago, I got the most sad news a 29 year old girl could get - I had cervical cancer and the doctors decided to remove my uterus. My world just broke in a million pieces and it has been a hard road ever since.
After surgery where they removed my uterus, I came home and Reyna sniffed at me and my belly. She looked at me with the biggest eyes I had ever seen and she laid down next to my bed. All of a sudden she didn't slept next to my belly, but wanted to sleep in her own ‘bed’. She stayed there for about 5 days and all this time she ‘protected’ me. When I went to sleep, she would look at me until I woke up again. My parents (I slept in their house) told me it was the most precious thing they had ever seen. My Reyna, who had been sleeping close to my belly for all those months and months, protected me after realizing the ‘monster’ had been gone.
And still to this day, she doesn't sleep next to my belly, but in her own bed!! It is like she knew all along. It is  a comforting feeling knowing she’s sleeping in her own bed and not all curled up close to my belly.

Now, when life is going back to normal, she’s the best friend I ever had. She’s the baby I will never have of my own. The one who gives me the biggest joy, the greatest laughter and the one who gives me unconditional love every single day!



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