If Love Could Have Saved Her

18 year old Daisy was dropped at a local shelter in West Virginia by her owners with the reason of "she was too hard to carry outside after moving to an apartment". A local rescue reached out to us to see if the rescue (Jacks Galore based out of Massachusetts) that we work with could take her. My husband and I decided within minutes to save her and to let her spend her final days with us instead of making her trek all the way up north.

Meet Daisy

Isn't she a beauty? My husband and I didn't even think when we got into the car (with my father in law with was visiting) to save her after receiving an SOS from a local rescue. She was free, but she honestly was just PRICELESS

She fit right into our pack

She was welcomed into our home with ease by our three male Jack Russells, Alfie, Whitley, and Morrie. She took on the role as grandma and they respected her and her space.

She loved nothing more than her Daily Dally Bed and sleep

She loved her space, no matter how many times I would move our furniture around and create a new area for her, she always found it and always seemed so gracious for it. She gave us many laughs when she would walk around with her bed looped around her fanny like a little ballerina tutu.

She had the kindest heart

Daisy loved everyone that she met. She would nibble anyone who would pet her because her eyesight was a bit wonky and she always assumed you were giving her food. She LOVED to eat.

She loved her human brother

Our son was just four months old when we brought her home. She instantly bonded with him, she'd sit with him as he played, snuggle up to him when he was on the floor and enjoyed being around him.

She was LOVED by us

A few days after we rescued her, I found her old owner on Facebook to tell her that she was okay. I was given a sob story about how they moved and have too many steps in their apartment and too many young kids to care for her. I vowed right then to never let Daisy feel like she was too much. She was just right. A dog spends their entire life pleasing and comforting it's owner, when the end gets harder they deserve to be cared for with the utmost respect. I promise, if they could lessen the load for their owners, they would. Dogs love their owners way more than they love themselves. Her old owner asked me not to keep contact because it was too hard. If she only knew how hard it was for us to say goodbye, to call the shots, on a dog we only had for a few months. How hard it was to look into her eyes and tell her sorry that it had to be us and not "her people".

She declined quickly

Days before she passed, she was her spunky self, doing the food dance, prancing in the yard. She woke up one morning tumbling, tripping, falling, unable to hold her back end up, and lethargic. I knew right away that it was time. She was suffering, panting, laboring to breath and at 19 she had done her part.

Sleep well, sweet girl

Things got so bad that we couldn't wait for my husband to arrive or to give her special treats before her passing. I became so angry. Angry that I had to wait in a stuffy room with my eight month old, who didn't understand and wanted out of his stroller - with her. Angry that I didn't get more time. Angry that it happened so quickly.. Angry that she seemed ok days before. When the doctors came in, I was even more angry that I couldn't hold her when they started the process, I had my son in my arms and I looked at the tech with tears in my eyes and said "I'm so sorry that I can't hold her." They reassured me that it was okay and that she was just getting anesthesia, they laid her on her side and I began kissing her face and telling her I was sorry. I'm so sorry that I had to be the one to be with her and her old family couldn't. I told her she was a good dog and she blessed our lives and that she was so loved. When she passed away, my sweet son reached his little baby hand out and stroked her fur in the sweetest little manner.

I told her when I left the room that it was okay if she wanted to wait for them in heaven and not me. You see, that's what a dog would do. No matter what you do to these four legged little creatures, they'll still wait for you. They're so loyal and forgiving. I decided right then and there, I needed to forgive them - I needed to think like a dog. I am so blessed to have had five months with her, so blessed to let her know that she was loved before she left. Her time wasn't over when her old owners were done with her and my family gave her the time she needed to leave the world in dignity. To me, we got the greatest gift of all.

What I am really trying to say in all of this mumble jumble is to rescue a senior, if you can, They deserve to go with love, respect, and caring hands, I can't promise you that it won't be hard. We had to diaper Daisy every night and clean up so many pee messes, but I promise you - I would give anything to clean up one of her messes today. When they go, it'll rip your heart out, drain your tears, and leave you with an aching feeling of wondering if you did the right thing. I've been blessed with a wonderful husband, a beautiful son, comedic dogs, and two senior pups and one of my biggest accomplishments in life is knowing that I have won the love of old abandoned dogs. When you get that kind of love, it's something you'll always thrive for. Sleep well, Daisy Girl. <3

if you want to do something great: check out our #TeamDaisy gear by heading to our storefront - proceeds from the purchases will go toward the shelter that she was rescued from, Berkeley County Humane Society.

Pups + Kisses,




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